Daoli Tea Set

There are many ways to make a good cup of tea. If you are looking for an authentic Chinese experience, go for a gaiwan or the whole tea set. If you are looking for a quick and simple solution, you can always choose our glass mug to brew tea right in your cup.

Tea set with gaiwan 0

Tea set with gaiwan

The Daoli porcelain tea set for 1-5 people in gift packaging includes:

  • large bowl for excess tea and water
  • a gaiwan with lid
  • a metal strainer
  • a tea pitcher
  • five small cups
  • tongs/tweezers for handling cups
  • a textile handbag with zipper for storage and transfer

The large bowl is roughly 15 cm in diameter. The gaiwan is 8 cm. Cups are 5 cm. A gaiwan is a great choice for tea parties, especially if you have some time to spare and friends to impress. It’s perfect for home, outdoor as well as cafe and restaurant use.

How to use the tea set?

The large bowl serves as container for excess water and a tray for tea cups. Put one tablespoon of tea into the gaiwan and quickly rinse the leaves with hot water. Discard this first brew using the bowl. Use the metal strainer to pour the subsequent brews into the pitcher or straight into the cups lined up on the bowl’s lid. Sometimes it’s a good to heat the cups with some boiling water from the kettle to ensure that the tea stays hot longer. Use the tongs to serve the tea cups to your guests, keeping the cups clean and your fingers unburnt.


Gaiwan (盖碗) is a cup made of porcelain or clay that became popular during the Ming Dynasty. The cup has a lid and often also comes with a small saucer. It can be used to prepare any kind of tea. Delicate green teas are often brewed in an open gaiwan, which lets the beverage cool down faster and lets you see the leaves open. Black and wulong teas, on the hand, are brewed with the lids closed. To pour the tea from gaiwan, take it in your hand and put the thumb ever the lid. Now shift the lid slightly to the side, leaving only a small slit. Now tilt the cup carefully and pour the tea into a cup or the small pitcher through metal strainer. You might want to start by practicing with simple water or cold tea. It is important to do pour the tea quickly because the lid can heat up quickly.

Daoli tea set - the details

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 I'm loving my @DaoliTea tea set. Totally recommend to anyone.” -- Stanko on Twitter

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