Tea Mug

There are many ways to make tea, and a three-piece mug is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of getting the most from your tea at home and office.

Daoli glass tea mug

Glass tea mug

Glass tea mug is made of clear borosilicate glass which shows higher resistance to shock and heat than regular glass. The mug comes with a lid and filter that will trap leaves and all but the tiniest tea fragments inside. The filter is easy to take out, and it fits perfectly into the lid. It is a good idea to use a serviette or a tea towel with the mug to keep the surface dry and absorb some of the shock from handling.

The mug measures 11x8.5 cm. It can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher. Because it’s made of glass, it is recommended to handle it carefully, especially the filter that has slits in the bottom.

Great choice for everyday use

We have been looking for an efficient and yet simple tea brewing solution for quite some time, and the glass mug got the top score for its universality, simplicity of use, and aesthetic appeal. The filter is easy to take out, so it allows for a very precise control over the strength of your cup of tea. The filter can rest in a lid keeping the leaves dry for the next brew (and you good tea should be brewed up to five or six times). Finally, the mug is quite big, so you don’t have to constantly boil water. We use these mugs ourselves and recommend them to tea drinkers of all ranks and backgrounds.

Would you like to be able make great tea at home and office?

14.95 € for Daoli tea mug packed and delivered to your home EU address.

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