Wild Trip

wild trip daoli

English brand name: Daoli Wild Trip
Chinese characters: 道理 普洱 野生古茶
Pinyin: dàolǐ pǔ’ěr yěshēng gǔchá
Name origin: The name of this tea literally translates as ‘puer from wild growing old trees’
Ingredients: buds and leaves of Camellia sinensis
Harvest year: 2012
Origin: Yunnan, China
Selected, imported, and packaged by: Daoli
Gongfu steeping suggestion:
One serving: 6 grams
Water: ~ 90 °C, 100-250 ml
Time: 30-60 seconds
Brews: 6-8 times
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A word about the tea

Daoli Wild Trip is a high quality raw puer tea hand-picked from large wild growing Yunnan millennial trees. This sheng puer has a bittersweet taste and subtle aroma. It is somewhat similar to green teas, except for the aftertaste that changes from sweet to bitter with each consecutive brew - a feature that is almost uniquely characteristic of sheng puers. You can enjoy this tea now or let it age under appropriate conditions for even better tea drinking experience.

Tea and Health

The leaves of Camellia sinensis contain various polyphenol compounds that have powerful health benefits. The Chinese say that raw pu-erh tea has a positive effect on overall health and can be used regularly as a natural way of lowering cholesterol, normalizing blood pressure, and losing weight. Learn more about tea and healthy living.

Arrow Why we like it

Raw puer teas are underrepresented in the west. Most people who hear the word “puer” immediately think about the post-fermented teas that can smell and taste like earth. Wild trip, on the other hand, belongs to the sheng (raw) puer variety. It has therefore a taste and fragrance reminiscent of freshly cut grass or bamboo leaves.

More importantly, this particular tea was hand-picked from millennial tea trees in Yunnan province, China. While most of the so-called ‘wild’ puers grow on abandoned plantations, we personally make sure that Daoli Wild Trip only contains leaves that come from old tea trees that grow in forested areas.

We have decided to include this tea into the Daoli collection in order to improve awareness about sheng puers in general. With its mild taste and incredibly invigorating power, Daoli Wild Trip will no doubt become a gateway sheng for those tea lovers who have yet to explore this part of the Camellia Sinensis spectrum.Read more about how we do business.

Making your cup of tea

Tea can be steeped in a teapot, gaiwan, or a strainer placed right in your cup. Feel free to experiment with time, temperature, and quantity. If tea feels a bit strong or bitter, just use less leaves or steep it for a shorter period of time.

The purpose of the first brew is to rinse the leaves slightly, so it shouldn’t last more than five seconds and is to be discarded. Pour the hot water again (90 °C). This time let it steep for up to 45 seconds. Increase the steeping time slightly with each following brew to maintain the same level of strength and fragrance.

Avoid leaving the leaves soaking in water between brews, because it makes tea taste bitter and steals a lot of its flavor. If used properly, six grams of Wild Trip can yield up to eight middle-size cups of excellent tea.

Chinese people enjoy the original taste of tea, so they never use milk, sugar, or lemon.

Packaging and storage

Each resealable bag of Daoli Wild Trip contains 100 grams of tea. It should be stored in a cool and dry place. You can age it, this tea literally has no expiry date.

Tea lovers about this tea

Check out why this trip is so popular among our customers.

“Once you go wild, you never go back.” ––Sara about Daoli Wild Trip during a Daoli tasting event

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