Tea Parcel

The Daoli Tea Parcel program allows us to effectively cater to a wide range of tea-related requests. We have offices in Kunming, Yunnan - the center of tea trade in China. With our profound understanding of tea and good standing among farmer/growers we create a solid pathway from Chinese tea markets to your home town.

If you want to bring your tea experience to the next level and you are not in a hurry, you could order a personalized package with a selection of teas that we will buy specifically for you at Chinese tea markets.

Daoli Tea Parcel from Kunming, Yunnan, China

A box full of tea straight from China

There is a Daoli office in Kunming, one of China’s most important tea centers. Roman can go to the local tea market and hand-pick up to 3 kilos of different teas that you decide to try out. He will pack it up nicely and send it to Daoli European HQ. Once the parcel arrives, we will take care of all the paperwork, check the contents of the package to make sure that everything is in place, and send it to your desired address. If you live in EU, this will spare you all custom-related procedures. Ordering from outside EU is OK too (we will send the parcel from China directly to you), but we won’t be able to provide you with customs support.

How to get the tea parcel?

  1. Order the Daoli Tea Parcel online. Look for the red 'Add To Cart' button bellow.
  2. Tell us what kind of tea you want. This is a personalized service and we will cater to your needs.
  3. Wait for about 30 days, and the parcel containing up to TEN different kinds of tea of a total weight of 3 kg will be delivered to your address. Too much tea? Share it with friends and split the costs.

What I get for my money?

  • Roman will personally visit a tea market in Kunming (Yunnan, China) to select and purchase the best tea for you.
  • Up to ten different fresh, good-quality teas. You can choose green, wulong, black, herbal, puer, or any other tea that takes your fancy. Give us a rough description, so we can come up with a balanced selection. Roman always samples tea before buying it.
  • A set of photographs, showing the shops where your tea was purchased.
  • Three kilos of excellent tea. That much tea should keep your kettle busy for about a year. Alternatively, if you don’t think you can finish it all by yourself, consider ordering the parcel collectively, so you can share the tea and costs with others.
  • Home delivery. You don’t need to worry about security or import duties. Package price covers all costs, including taxes for EU citizens. Local charges might apply for orders from outside EU.
  • Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Inside Daoli tea parcel

Take a look inside a tea parcel that has been recently delivered to a Daoli customer in Slovenia. The contents of each parcel varies depending on the specifics of each particular order. Suggestions include: Tai Ping Hou Kui, Nu Er Huan, Zhu Ye Qing, Sheng Yin Ya, Ye Sheng Gu Cha, Dong Fang Mei Ren, Da Hong Pao, Dian Hong, Ren Shen, Dan Cong.

Tea aficionados about our tea parcel

Overall I was extremely satisfied with Daoli's tea parcel and believe that it was a worthwhile investment. --Dafydd Green via e-mail feedback. See his full review of our service.

Teas are really fantastic. I like the fact that you guys put so much effort in setting up the tea parcel. However, there is so much tea inside, I stil haven't been able to try them all out. So far, my absolute favourite is Da Hong Pao. What a scent! What an aroma. --Jan Stajnko via e-mail feedback.

Would you like to order the tea parcel now?

Add it to the cart! € 249.95 and it’s yours. You may not be able to buy happiness, but you can definitely buy tea. Daoli Tea Parcel from Yunnan, China is the beginning of an exciting adventure!

The tea market in Kunming

The great thing about Kunming tea markets is that one can find absolutely any kind of tea there - from super cheap puer at several euros per kilo to exquisite Taiwan-grown tieguanyin that costs a fortune. A typical market has up to one thousand shops ranging from fancy franchises to small farmers' outlets that are often nothing but a hole in the wall. Appearance of a shop has nothing to do with quality or even the price of tea. Some of the shabbiest places can sport a selection of very expensive aged puers. The only way not to get lost is to trust your palate rather than stories surrounding the tea in question. Fortunately, you can try as much tea as you want, and you don't have to buy anything if it doesn't fit your desired price/quality ratio. Roman made it a rule to check out at least one new shop every time he goes there. This is a certain way to make new friends among traders, discover new teas, and learn a thing or two about tea industry as a whole.

Photos from the tea market

A few photos of a tea market in Kunming that Roman took during his last visit. This is what you see if you take a walk around the market. Better quality, let alone unique teas, are often stored behind the counter. It could take quite a bit of time and fraternization before traders start offering their most prided items.

Reader: Roman’s posts about the tea market

See posts in which Roman reports on visits to the tea market.


Why don’t you have more tea in your EU stock?
Daoli is a young and small company. Our goal is to promote the culture of tea drinking in EU. We focus on personal approach and work without intermediaries, which requires a substantial financial commitment. So, instead of spreading out, we have decided to offer a limited selection of exceptionally good teas which we keep in stock in our EU warehouse. However, the Daoli Tea Parcel program allows us to effectively cater to a wide range of tea-related requests. It’s almost like bringing a Chinese tea market to your home town.

Why does delivery take 30 days?
Using regular China Post service is an effective and reliable way to ship tea. Many express companies simply refuse to ship tea and some other products of plant origin from China. If you insist on express delivery, we can use a door-to-door carrier such as DHL, but the total cost will be considerably higher. Contact us for details.

Can I order less / more than 3 kilograms of tea?
Yes, you can order less than three kilos, but since there are several fixed costs involved, the total price will remain the same. You can of course order more than three kilos, but we will have to raise the price accordingly.

Why can’t I get this particular kind of tea?
We will do our best to fulfill your order, but there are several factors that can get in the way. First of all, many teas are known under different names. Oftentimes tea traders make up new names for marketing purposes, but such names aren’t widely used. The other factor is seasonality. For example, if you order spring tieguanyin in fall or winter, there is a very high chance that it's already sold out. Finally, some teas can be very pricey. There are farmers who won’t accept less than a thousand euros for one kilo of their beloved produce. Should any of these factors come into play, we will contact you immediately for confirmation.

Can I order some tea accessories?
Yes, you can. When placing your order, let us know what exactly you are interested in (gaiwan, strainers, cups, etc). For an additional fee, we will include these items in the parcel. Alternatively, we can keep the price the same and reduce the amount of tea a bit. Bear in mind that porcelain and glassware are very fragile. We will do our best to cushion your items well, but there’s no way to ensure 100% integrity upon delivery. Feel free to browse our web store. We always keep handy teaware in stock.

€ 249.95 is a lot of money!
Three kilos of tea will last you a year or more. If you were to buy that much high-quality tea in Europe, the cost would be much higher. More important, you will get new and interesting teas that are hard - if not impossible - to come by outside of China.

Why order tea from Daoli?
We work without intermediaries and purchase teas directly from farmers. We speak English, Slovene, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian. Roman will personally hand-pick your teas, making sure that they are of optimal taste and quality. We will take care of all the paperwork related to importing organic products into EU, which is no small thing, considering how strictly this domain is regulated.

Daoli warranty
We promise that you will get supreme-quality teas that were purchased specifically for you at one of Kunming’s tea markets. We will do our best to deliver it to you as soon as possible. If you live in EU and you don’t receive the parcel due to some import/export problems, you will get the full refund. “Daoli” means doing the right thing. We live and work by this principle.

Start an exciting tea adventure - order the tea parcel now

You can purchase the Daoli Tea Parcel by clicking on the button below. A personalized selection of fresh tea from Kunming's market will reach you in about 30 days. Alternatively, our online tea store offers a variety of teas that we have carefully selected and purchased directly from small-scale farmers in China. These teas are in stock in our EU warehouse and can be delivered to you within several days.

Meet Roman

He likes to travel around Yunnan and hang out with tea growers and sellers in search for amazing teas.