Jasmine Trip

wild trip daoliEnglish brand name: Daoli Jasmine Trip
Chinese characters: 道理 普洱 茉莉花味
Pinyin: dàolǐ pǔ’ěr mòlìhuāwèi
Name origin: the name of this tea reflects the fact that it was scented and mixed with jasmine blossoms
Ingredients: buds and leaves of Camellia sinensis, natural jasmine blossoms. No additives.
Harvest year: 2012
Origin: Yunnan, China
Selected, imported, and packaged by: Daoli
Gongfu steeping suggestion:
One serving: 6 grams
Water: ~ 90 °C, 100-250 ml
Time: 30-60 seconds.
Brews: 5-6 times
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A word about the tea

Daoli Jasmine Trip is a top grade shu (‘cooked’) gongting puer scented with freshly picked jasmine blossoms. This tea was grown and processed in Yunnan county of China. It has a classic deep puer taste and aroma with a nice jasmine touch. Jasmine trip is a great addition to your daily tea experience. It will be particularly interesting to those who want to appreciate a rich base tea flavor with only a touch - rather than complete dominance of jasmine in the gustatory picture.

Tea and Health

The leaves of Camellia sinensis contain various polyphenol compounds that have powerful health benefits. The Chinese say that puer tea has a positive effect on overall health and can be used regularly as a natural way of lowering cholesterol, normalizing blood pressure, and losing weight. Learn more about tea and healthy living.

Arrow Why we like it

We have received multiple requests to add a jasmine flavored tea to our collection. Since one of our guiding principles is to focus on unique or underrepresented teas, we have decided to meet the demand for jasmine in an unconventional way. While the majority of jasmine teas sold in the West have green tea at their basis, Daoli Jasmine Trip uses top quality gongting puer that is at least three years old.

The word ‘gongting’ literally means ‘royal palace’ in Chinese, and it is used not only to describe the fine nature of the tea leaves, but also the its pleasantly rich taste, which distinguishes this variety of shu puer from its lower quality, throat-scratching, murky counterparts.

Daoli Jasmine Trip is made in-house with a sense of balance in mind. Blended with freshly picked jasmine blossoms, this gongting puer has the texture, taste, and aroma that easily make it eligible for a tea party of royal proportions, just as its name implies.

Making your cup of tea

Tea can be steeped in a teapot, gaiwan, or a strainer placed right in your cup. Feel free to experiment with time, temperature, and quantity. If tea feels a bit strong or bitter, just use less leaves or steep it for a shorter period of time.

The purpose of the first brew is to rinse the leaves slightly, so it shouldn’t last more than five seconds and is to be discarded. Pour the hot water again (90 °C). This time let it steep for up to 45 seconds. Increase the steeping time slightly with each following brew to maintain the same level of strength and fragrance.

Avoid leaving the leaves soaking in water between brews, because it makes tea taste bitter and steals a lot of its flavor. If used properly, six grams of Jasmine Trip can yield up to six middle-size cups of excellent tea.

Chinese people enjoy the original taste of tea, so they never use milk, sugar, or lemon.

Packaging and storage

Each resealable bag of Daoli Jasmine Trip contains 140 grams of tea. It should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Tea lovers about this tea

Check out why this trip is so popular among our customers.

“Congrats. I hate jasmine overkill. But this is just the right touch to a nice puerh underbase.” ––Peter about Daoli Silver Trip on Facebook

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