Green Trip

Daoli wulong tieguanyin is lightly oxidized tea

English brand name: Daoli Green Trip
Chinese characters: 道理 乌龙 铁观音
Pinyin: dàolǐ wūlóng tiěguānyīn
Name origin: tieguanyin means Iron Goddess of Mercy; it’s a traditional name for slightly oxidized wulong teas
Ingredients: buds of Camellia sinensis
Harvest year: 2011
Origin: Fujian, China
Selected, imported, and packaged by: Daoli
Gongfu steeping suggestion: 6 grams, ~ 90 °C 100-250 ml, 30-60 seconds, 6-7 times
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A word about the tea

Daoli Green Trip is a lightly oxidized tea from the Fujian province of China. This tea has a fresh taste with floral overtones. It can quench your thirst and charge you with the positive energy of the sun-bathed valleys of southern China.

Tea and Health

The leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis contain various polyphenol compounds that have powerful health benefits. Tieguanyin can lower cholesterol levels, stimulate digestion, and improve metabolism. In China it has become very common to incorporate wulong teas into weight loss treatment. Learn more about tea and healthy living.

Arrow Why we like it

Tea and Zen philosophy have gone hand in hand for many centuries. Making this tea is supposed to invoke the teachings of Buddha. It’s a perfect choice for quiet contemplation. A good way to enjoy this tea is to use a gaiwan or a complete tea set and brew it properly multiple times. Each new brew will have a slightly different flavor. Following these changes is a big part of the Green Trip expeirience. It is believed that the last drops of tea in the gaiwan are the most precious because they contain most of the tea’s essence. So, remember to share the last drops of this divine beverage with all your guests. Tieguanyin is one of China’s finest and most famous teas. It’s a must-have for serious tea drinkers. And Green Trip won’t disappoint. Read more about how we do business.

Making your cup of tea

Tea can be steeped in a tea pot, gaiwan, or a strainer placed right in your cup. Feel free to experiment with time, temperature, and quantity. If tea feels a bit strong or bitter, just use less leaves or steep it for a shorter period of time.

The purpose of the first brew is to rinse the leaves slightly, so it shouldn’t last more than five seconds and should be discarded. Pour the hot water again (90 °C). This time, steep it for about half a minute. Avoid leaving the leaves soaking in water between brews, because it makes tea taste bitter and steals a lot of its flavor. If used properly, about six grams of Daoli Green Trip can yield six to seven middle-size cups of excellent tea.

To fully appreciate your Green Trip, try smelling the lid of your gaiwan between the brews to follow the changes in the aroma. Also, observe how leaves open up and return to their original shape.

Chinese people enjoy the original taste of tea, so they never use milk, sugar, or lemon. Daoli teas are great for hot and iced beverages.

Packaging and storage

Each resealable bag of Daoli Green Trip contains 100 grams of tea. It should be stored in a cool and dry place, preferably in a refrigerator. The expiry date is stamped on the bag.


According to a legend the Chinese name of comes from the statue of the Goddess of Mercy that one day appeared in a poor farmer's dream and show him the place where a tea tree grew that eventually turned the farmer and the whole village very rich

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