Black Trip

Dianhong: Fully oxidized black tea from Yunnan, ChinaEnglish brand name: Daoli Black Trip
Chinese characters: 道理 滇红
Pinyin: dàolǐ dianhóng
Name origin: dian is a character used to refer to Yunnan province and hong means “red”
Ingredients: buds of Camellia sinensis
Harvest year: 2011
Origin: Yunnan, China
Selected, imported, and packaged by: Daoli
Gongfu steeping suggestion: 6 grams, ~ 90 °C 100-250 ml, 30-60 seconds, 6-7 times.
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A word about the tea

Daoli Black Trip is a top-quality fully oxidized black tea from the Yunnan province of China. Daoli dianhong’s leaves are tightly curled into small spirals. This shape allows for excellent taste and fragrance conservation. It also preserves the integrity of the original bud, so when you steep Daoli Black Trip, you will see unscathed and fully opened leaves. This tea has a very mellow taste with a hint of dry fruit. It goes very well with chocolate, cookies, and many other things.

Tea and Health

The leaves of Camellia sinensis are rich in various kinds of polyphenols - powerful antioxidants that are very good for your health. You can learn more about tea and health here.

Arrow Why we like it

We decided to add Black Trip to the Daoli selection because of this tea’s great taste and the unique shape of its well preserved leaves. It is grown in the Yun county of Yunnan province, which is famous for its long tradition of making supreme quality black teas. Read more about how we do business.

Making your cup of tea

Tea can be steeped in a tea pot, gaiwan, or a strainer placed right in your cup. Feel free to experiment with time, temperature, and quantity. If tea feels a bit strong or bitter, just use less leaves or steep it for a shorter period of time.

The purpose of the first brew is to rinse the leaves, so it shouldn’t last more than five seconds and should be discarded. Pour the hot water again (90 °C). This time, steep it for about half a minute. Avoid leaving the leaves soaking in water between brews, because it makes tea taste bitter and steals a lot of its flavor. If used properly, about six grams of Daoli Black Trip can yield six to seven middle-size cups of excellent tea.

Chinese people enjoy the original taste of tea, so they never use milk, sugar, or lemon. Daoli teas are great for hot and iced beverages.

Packaging and storage

Each resealable bag of Daoli Black Trip contains 140 grams of tea. It should be stored in a cool and dry place. Do not refrigerate. The expiry date is stamped on the bag.


What we know as black tea is called “red” in Chinese. In the western tradition the point of reference is the dark color of the fully oxidized leaves. Chinese, however, call this tea red because of the light brown-red color of the infusion. A thin film will appear on the tea’s surface if it is left untouched for a while. This happens because of a series of chemical reactions involving polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, and proteins. Therefore, it is recommended that you drink your tea while it’s fresh and steaming. If you you like your tea iced, just add a slice of lemon and the film will not form.

Tea lovers about this tea

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"What I’m drinking right now is quite honestly one of the best black teas I’ve ever tasted." --Miha Rekar about Daoli Black Trip on Steepster

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