Daoli pricing policy

Daoli offers high-quality tea at an affordable price.

Similar teas are sold here at 30 or more euros for 100 grams. This is particularly true for Tieguanyin (our Green Trip). Many people wrongly assume that higher price guarantees higher quality. In reality, the price of tea in Europe is bloated by fees of tea brokers and greed of retailers. Therefore, one should not judge the tea by its price tag.

How we do business

Our business model is based on the principles of honesty and fairness. We don’t deal with intermediaries of any kind. Having an office in Kunming, China, we are able to purchase the best teas directly from growers at the markets. We sort and package our teas ourselves and import them to EU. We sell our teas to end customers, cafés, and tea houses. We control the entire process, which allows us to keep the costs low. This is how we are able to offer higher quality teas at an affordable price. “Daoli” means doing the right thing. We live and work by this principle.

The final price of our teas covers the costs of selection and packaging, importing to Europe, customs paperwork, inspection fees and quality checks, as well as rent of office space, accounting, and taxes. Within the EU we even ship for free. Consider all this when you try our tea, and you’ll find that the price is actually very low.

The co-founders (Miha and Roman) have established this company because they really like tea and would like to make the culture surrounding this amazing beverage part of your life too.

Want some tea?

Feel free to browse our Daoli EU tea selection (EU shipping), TeaSpotting.com sellection (worldwide shipping), or contact us. You can also download Welcome to the Daoli tea family PDF pack.